30 October 2007

Charlie at the Coffeur

This lovely cocker spaniel, Charlie, is waiting with her owner at the hairdressers. No, not for herself but Mum needs a hairdo. It's quite normal for dogs to go to restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, shops in France. They are not supposed to be in supermarkets but you often see a little one in the trolley. Everyone turns a blind eye. C'est la france!


Anonymous said...

That is what I love about France the most - you can take your dog everywhere. In Australia this is not allowed. I would love to take my dog Oscar to the hairdressers with me and he would Love to come! LOL

Sheri said...

I love your dog pictures. I was thinking the same as ladyjicky "you must be able to take your dogs anywhere in France." How nice.

Anonymous said...

I love this aspect of French culture! Wish I could take my pup into shops. Are the French good about picking up after their dogs? Like the dog at the outside market...does her owner have to stop work and pick up and then wash and go back to work? Very interesting!


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