26 October 2009

Tipsy and Natine

Brittany Spaniels and hard to tell them apart. In the smaller photo, we see Tipsy on the left, she's 7 and smaller than Natine who is 11 years old - on the right.

I'm not sure which one is in the main photo. They were in Gorbio village for the recent festival but they live in Mandelieu which is along the coast near to Cannes. We saw one of them, nose to nose, with a chihuahua HERE.


Patricia said...

Our 14 year-old dog, Penny, is a Brittany too. She has the liver and white coloring.
Your photos really convey their social and high energy approach to life!

TC said...

They look so sweet and happy. Beautiful dogs.

lady jicky said...

I do like how their leads match their fur colouring! Tres chic!!


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