11 October 2010

The Doggie in the Window

This doggie in the window was in Castellar, a hill village 6 kilometres above Menton.

I looked up - the window is on the first floor of an old house and there he was - or she? - a lovely Brittany spaniel.

More of those gorgeous Newfoundlands on another day...


hanna said...

Must have been a pleasant surprise to look up and see this sweet face gazing back at you. Nice photos as well. The curtain adds some subtle color, and the old stone building as a "frame" provides just enough information to get a sense of time and place.

glenda said...

Just watching the world go by. My dog lays on the bed in the extra bedroom and keeps a watchful eye on the entire street.

joanna said...

Sweet, looking little doggie -- nice perch to see the world and get fresh air.

my dog Tigger needs a window perch like that so he does not leap out and run all about...I doubt if someone would steal my pet, for he is rather lively,so the bars would be to keep him in.



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