07 October 2010

The Life Saving Dogs at Menton

Newfoundlands showing their skills as life-savers at sea. This demonstration was given by the dogs and owners of 'Terre-Neuve 06' in Menton last weekend. Terre-Neuve is French for Newfoundland. They were brilliant and so funny at times when they didn't get it quite right!

You can read about this and see more photographs by clicking on Menton Daily Photo.


hanna said...

I love how the Newfie in the top photo looks so intent, and giving it his/her? all. You captured this dog at the precise moment--wonderful!

I can't help thinking about how cold that beautiful Mediterranean water must be by now, but then Newfies are from Canada so it's certainly not a problem for them.

glenda said...

These are magnificent dogs. Such a treat to watch them at work.

English Rider said...

There is/was a legal battle in Sennen, UK regarding a Newfie who was a rescue swimmer (or swimmer rescuer). Unfortunately the local ordinance banned dogs from the beach. Newfies don't live long enough for protracted legal battles to be worthwhile.
I dog-sat a friend's Newfi, here in California, and he couldn't resist the pool, even in winter, dragging out so much water in his coat that the level had to be refilled constantly.

Christina, Sweden said...

Never seen those working but I guess it was a great experience

Christina, sweden

nathalie in avignon said...

What a jump!!!

Wonderful work to watch!


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