29 September 2010

Jasmine, the Berger de Picardie

This lovely Berger de Picardie ended up in the SPA of Monaco when she was one year old, which is when her owners gave her a home. She's now 10 years old, lives in Monaco and we met whilst she was running about the area below the Casino.

All Jasmine wanted to do was please her owners. Look how wonderfully attentive she is. Such a lovely dog and the first of this breed for Riviera Dogs.


hanna said...

Lucky Jasmine! She looks like a good girl and totally unfazed by your camera. I love her rather scruffy appearance, which I mean in a good way; it makes her seem a bit of a character!

lady jicky said...

I have never heard of this breed before Jilly!

That Jazz is a sweet old girl too :)

joanna said...

Love those big up right ears.


Christina, Sweden said...

great expression I wonder what goes on in her mind ...

Christina, sweden

PS if you want and have time I have some dog-blog-post on my blog if you follow the dog category at my sidebar :-)


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