23 September 2010

Zappy visits the Monaco Yacht Show

Zappy, an adorable little Yorkie - only one year old - lives in Monaco, so naturally he visited the Monaco Yacht Show and looks quite the part on the blue carpet. For photos of the yacht show please click on Monte Carlo Daily Photo to see the first day of a series on this fabulous event.


lady jicky said...

That is a cute name Jilly!

joanna said...

Zappy Is adorable... and I bet he gets told that all the time.

hanna said...

What a great name for this cute little guy!

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

He looks like he knows he is being admired.

glenda said...

Zappy knows how cute he is!

Christina, Sweden said...

you have lots of great dogphotos and you capture them so well. I'll put you on my sidebar and will return :-)

Christina, sweden


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