14 September 2010


This lovely dog is a mix of a collie, a hunting dog and a setter. He was rescued from an SPA in the Pyrénées and now lives in Monaco. Some dogs have all the luck!

Nager is 4 years old and I met him at the recent garden fair in Menton. In the smaller photo you see him amongst the water lilies!

You might note the rather smart silver bone hanging from his collar. This is a container for small plastic bags that his owner uses to pick up his poop should he happen to 'go' in public.


hanna said...

Looks like Nager got the best traits from the three different breeds. He's one handsome guy. And I love his tres chic plastic poopy bag holder; I didn't know such a thing existed. He IS one lucky dog!

RedPat said...

Good-looking dog. Very alert. What a nice mix of breeds!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Looks like an English Shepherd or an Old Time Scottish Collie to me. I love collies.


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