08 September 2010

The Jack Russell and the Razor

It's not often a car interests me as much as a dog! This sexy little number is called a Ranger RZR and is made by Polaris. You can read all about it on Monte Carlo Daily Photo today.

The little Jack Russell was waiting for his owner who was lunching at Stars n Bars on the port of Monaco.


Rob said...

The dog owns the back end of the Razor.

hanna said...

I agree that dogs are usually more interesting than cars, but this is a pretty cool vehicle. I'd love to zip around the south of France in that little number.

As for the dog, he/she looks very patient, and is probably one of the calmest Jack Russell terriers I've ever seen!

glenda said...

What a cutie, and he looks like he is fastened in pretty securely.


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