26 September 2010

Stoppit, the Lurcher at the Monaco Yacht Show

'Stoppit' stopped the traffic at the Monaco Yacht Show. Stoppit is a 5-year old Lurcher who travelled from the UK on his owner's yacht. Bet there aren't many lurchers who do that! In fact, I've never seen a lurcher before in Monaco or anywhere on the Riviera, come to that. A gorgeous dog. Look at that face!


Anonymous said...

That is an astonishing portrait!

joanna said...

a rare and beautiful breed -- his eyes speak aristocracy.


Coco said...

That is one hellova handsome dog. But a tad tall for me.

Janice said...

He is absolutely FABULOUS - love that face. Are they related to Irish Wolfhounds?

Jilly said...

Janice, take a look at this link. Mostly they are greyhound but there is doubtless some Irish wolfhound or Scottish deerhound here but other breeds too. They were originally poachers' dogs - a fascinating story.



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