08 June 2007

Summer hair cut

I'm a sucker for an American cocker spaniel and this one is a cutie. Funny haircut, but who cares and he's nice and cool for summer. I'd far rather see this, than a dog full of knots and uncomfortable. This was taken in the walking street of Menton. Pension Milou is named for Milou who was an American cocker spaniel. You can read his story here.


Anonymous said...

I too prefer to see dogs that have been groomed short for the heat. I live in Australia and I cut my Peke (who died last year) and my other dog a pug x maltese in summer and they are alot happier!

Neva said...

awwww. that was a sweet story! Funny how there are certain dogs that we really really like and others we like and love but sometimes not the same.


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