17 February 2010


It was a dull afternoon walking away from the Lemon Festival in Menton and this grey and white Fox terrier has no light on his coat. I thought the photo might look better in Black and White and think it does.

Milou (he was Tintin's dog, of course) is a grey and white Fox Terrier and he's 14 - looks good, doesn't he? Don't you just love the way he sits in the smaller photo.

He was with his owner on holiday from Monbéliard in north-eastern France. Such a pity for all the visitors that we have such lousy weather. At this moment it's raining really heavily.


lady jicky said...

Oh, I thought he was younger too!
He is sitting in the "pug fashion" - they sit like that too. LOL

Anonymous said...

Airedale terriers sit like that, too. My husband calls it the "drunken sailor" pose. What lovely photos of a lovely dog. I do like the black and white.

Jilly, we have a bit of sun today in The Hague--maybe we can send some your way.


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