07 March 2008


Macy, this lovely 8 year old Boxer, was patiently waiting (see side photo) for her owner to have her nails done in the prestigious Metropole Centre in Monte Carlo.

She's owned by a very nice English lady who lives in Monaco. I didn't trim the top photo just so you could see the beautiful ironwork and marble floors and walls in the shopping centre.

Hasn't Macy got the most beautiful eyes?


Celine said...

What a cute dog, and you're right, the eyes are beautiful... so expressive.

Theresa said...

She is a wonderful gal!! And I love her name, I'm the owner of a MaeCee boxer too!!

WendyB said...

Macy looks quite at home in those surroundings.

Teri said...

This is a beautiful portrait of a beautiful dog. Love the way Macy's coat mirrors the colors of the marble! And the ironwork is gorgeous! Jilly, why do you have no photos of Rottweilers?


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