11 March 2008


This is a really tiny poodle - a toy. Called a caniche nain in France. I met her walking along the Corbusier walk between Cap Martin and Monaco. I was told her name, wrote it somewhere and can't find the piece of paper - very inefficient of me - but I did take this photograph in January - so forgive. If I find her name - and I remember it was a pretty name - of course I'll add it.


Sheri said...

Cute little dog.
I have a photo of my gandson's new puppy on my blog today.

CaBaCuRl said...

What a gorgeous dog!Three of my friends have black poodles...Fifi is a toy like the one in your picture, and Beau and Toulouse are the next size up. I love their names....so-o obviously French. I am more of a cat person myself, though I have lived in households where there were dogs...hmmm....a red kelpie, a beagle and a German shepherd. My neighbour has a Maltese terrier I walk most days for her.Maybe, i like dogs more than I am prepared to admit??? Thanks for visiting.

lady jicky said...

That is one sweet poodle. i have always fancied a little black poodle .

Anonymous said...

My mother used to have one of these in chocolate brown - her name was Mia. Love the photo of the coast BTW, Jilly.


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