27 March 2008


I first spied this little dog asleep under a table alongside the Port of Monaco. A little bundle of fluff, you couldn't tell which end was which - see the small photograph.

Later I saw her walking along with her owners and asked if I might photograph her. She's a little bichon maltais (Maltese Terrier) only 4 months old and so well behaved. After I'd told them about this blog, her nice English owners mentioned it was their daughter's 9th birthday today and how thrilled she'd be to see Snowy featured. So here she is, Happy Birthday Emily! You've got a beautiful little puppy.


lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Emily and a big pat on the head for your lovely white maltese terrier!

Neva said...

Happy Birthday Emily! and your puppy is very very cute! Nice shot, Jilly.


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