17 March 2008


A hot day in Menton yesterday, and one hot pug. I didn't ask why his owner was carrying him but presumably cos he'd got hot - and pugs can have breathing problems if they get overheated. Look at that lovely lolling tongue! Gribouille, 4 years of age, lives in Castellar - a beautiful old village above Menton. Gribouille looks heavy for his nice owner to carry. Pugs are small but very solid little dogs. What wonderful characters they are.

I've not seen a dog lead like that before - have you?


Anonymous said...

What a happy looking Pug, he's just gorgeous!


Small City Scenes said...

Fine looking dog. We used to dog sit a Pug named Tonka. Tonka has moved on the greener pastures but we still chuckle at some of his antics. MB

WendyB said...

Ha ha! What a tongue. Pugs kill me.

lady jicky said...

Thankyou Jilly for a pug! My pug Rosie the rescue pug is going well. Settled down alot (not pacing) but we have problems with her eyes and ears especially ( I think she must have been mistreaten and never went to Vet) So we are off to the Vet today. This is one handsome Pug and I am afraid he would not give my Rosie a second look for she is not a "pretty, pretty" pug. But as she says " I make up for it with personality Jilly!" LOL

Theresa said...

Oh yay!!! A pug, and a handsome one at that!

Owners of Pugs are just a crazy crowd of people, they are just nuts over this breed. I should know, I've got three!! :)


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