03 March 2008


Meet Canelle, a six-month old Yorkshire terrier. She was at the Corso in Menton yesterday. The Corso is the 'parade of floats' that takes place during the Lemon Festival. You'll be able to read about this, from tomorrow, on Menton Daily Photo.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to see 9 dogs, sitting absolutely still in a New York street, with no one holding their leads, please click on the link. The blog belongs to a great guy, Ming, who posts a photo of New York City every day.


Ming the Merciless said...

Canelle is adorable!

And thanks for the link.

Sara said...

That is the most adorable face I've seen in a while! What a sweetie! You find the sweetest, cutest dogs!

lady jicky said...

Ooooh, so sweet!

WendyB said...

What a cutie.

Sheri said...

Oh...So cute! I love fluffy dogs.

Anonymous said...

You have a new daily-basis visitor from Finland. I am a dog owner and totally in love with Riviera area.

Keep up sending us beautiful photos and interesting stories!

Best regards from Finland,

isa said...

Canelle looks a lot like Truffles...after a bath!
And they both have sweet names ;-)

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Oh I'd love to get a Yorkshire Terrier. They're such beautiful dogs, and Canelle (I adore that name!) is such a beauty.

To answer your question, yes I had to lie down on the ground, flat on my stomach to get that shot of my dog, B. But I think it was so worth it!


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