30 April 2007

Remembering those...

This little cutie is not taking as much interest as his owner in what is going on. In fact, a crowd has gathered for the National Day of the Deportation - the day that remembers those sent to the concentration camps. You can see another photo and read more here.


Ming the Merciless said...

The doggie is adorable. I love the ears. They look like two pony tails that little girls have.

angela said...

Beautiful photos, Jilly.
Isn't that lady so elegant and I love her hats, though this strawberry coloured one is my favourite.
The large format works well with this blog too.

Anonymous said...

We see this Lady each year in June when we visit Menton.

She is always well dressed.

She always go at the Place infront the Bar du Cap at 6pm, where she meet friends,...and one particular! :-))

Luc & Carole, from Montreal, Quebec

Anonymous said...

For the record, our friend Maggie, the Lady in white, went back to her homeland in early june 2009 with her dog.

She was no more able to stay alone in her appartment. So she moved back to Bordeau to live with her doughter.

We will miss her.

Luc & Carole


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