29 April 2007

Get a portable telephone!

Taken in one of the main squares of Menton, this little dog waits quite happily for his owners to make a call.


Neva said...

This is great! I love your comments about the dogs....

Anonymous said...

I can't tell from this picture how big this dog is, but are you sure it's a lhasa apso and not a tibetan terrier?! The latter is a bit larger, about 18 to 20 pounds, I think?!

Jilly said...


You could be right! In fact the foreface is probably too long for an apso which does indicate a TT. However, when the dog stood up it didn't look the height of a TT. Also I think this dog has a normal tail. Don't TTs have a docked tail with feathering?

Perhaps it's a bit of a mix. I'll change the breed to a TT and hope it's right. I see the face is all wrong for an apso.

Well spotted!

Anonymous said...

Lovely coat... kind of reminds me of a sheepskin rug.


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