15 October 2008


Lara simply wouldn't keep still so I'm sorry her foreface is rather fuzzy. And she's the old lady! Lara is a 12 year old Welsh Terrier who lives with Yelka, who you met yesterday - also in the lower photograph. Welsh terriers obviously have energy to spare all their lives. Taken in the pedestrian street in Menton.


Neva said...

Very Handsome Terriers.......hard to believe that one of them is 12!!
My 13 y/o lab barely moves now!

Anonymous said...

Our Welsh terrier was the love of our lives. What a wonderful breed! And now we have an Airedale pup. So nice to see these beautiful dogs on your site!

Corrie said...

Beautiful pictures! We have had three Welsh Terriers. About a year and a half ago our babygirl Mollee was hit by a car because she was chasing rabbits. So we got Lainee (1 and 1/2 years) and adopted Aubrey (12 years). I love Welshies so much! They are full of personality! Someday I would love to get an Airdale!

Louise Mcbride said...

You have three welsh terrier!

May I come and live in your house?


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