26 October 2008


Another dog sitting patiently with her owner waiting for the Blessing on the Animals in Menton. I don't know if she is a Boxer, a Mastiff, or a mix of the two. In the first photo she looks to be a boxer, in the second, that width of jaw and longer muzzle, she looks a mastiff. Anyone an idea?

I don't know her name - just loved that she sat so patiently with no lead - waiting - and such an intense expression as if she knew every word that was being said.

PS: Thanks 'Anonymous' who thinks she is a Dogue de Bordeaux and I totally agree.


lady jicky said...

What interesting colour the eyes are.
I am going for a mix of the two breeds too!

Anonymous said...

I would say it is a mastiff because of her body. It's way too heavy to be a boxer, in my opinion. Also the head is a little too wide for boxer, especially for female one.

glenda said...

What a "good dog" to wait so patiently. I have a two year old white boxer. She is quite thin compared to this one. Some of the features look like a boxer but the smaller picture looks more like a mix. Love the picture

Anonymous said...

I am not completely sure but seems more a BORDEAUX DOGGE than a boxer .

Maybe a young one.

Jilly said...

Anonymous, of course you are right! I've changed the heading and put her in the right category. thanks for much for writing.


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