03 May 2009

Chippie - who knows she is Cute

You can almost hear this little dog saying... 'I'll pose with the yachts in the background, as befits my beauty. And if you don't think I'm beautiful enough, then I'll put my head on one side so I look really cute.'

This little Maltese Terrier (Bichon Maltais in French) is called Chippie. She's 3 and lives in Menton. Her owner is a great lady who sells crystals of all sizes and colours. She has a shop in the pedestrian street of Menton but also a stall not far from the Place du Cap, which is where I took this photograph.


lady jicky said...

chippe reminds me of Kenzo who is half maltese but a light buttersctoch colour now.
Yes - she knows she is a pretty girl!

Lessie said...

She does have that "regal" air about her. :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty dog... love the long hair.


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