25 November 2013

Calvin and the Fountain

Calvin, this 6 year old French bulldog lives in Menton and likes to take a bath in the fountain at Place du Cap.  He waited in vain on this occasion because, as his owner explained, it was too cold for a swim.


lady jicky said...

He just can't reach!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

We saw this dog last summer, always happy to run to the fountain, waiting his owner to drink fresh water.

Good question to Jilly ? You take care of dogs, do you have one yourself ? Picture ?

Luc, Montréal, Québec

Jilly said...

I've often posted pics of my dogs, Luc. Mia, the scared hound, Fanny the poodle who was tied up outside my gate (she has died now) and ages ago, Beau my old, very old Bruno de Jura. If not on Riviera Dogs you find them on Postcards from Pension Milou.


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