13 September 2012

Enki, the dachshund puppy and Julien

This adorable dachshund puppy, Enki, had been brought to the Blessing of the Animals in Gorbio village by his proud owner, Julien.  Julien and Enki, who is 3 months old, live in Gorbio.

In the last photo, Enki is being admired by the owner of Google, the chihuahua we met the other day. Google looks pretty interested too!

It's so good to see a young man like Julien taking such good care of his dog. 


Nikon said...

Beautiful dog and beautiful photos of him!

brattcat said...

such sweet images and commentary.

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

A young boy this caring towards his dog should one day grow into a devoted husband, father, coworker, etc.

glenda said...

Great photos. Shows the caring and love between the boy and his dog!

lady jicky said...

Both are too cute !!!

Hi Jilly !!!


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