05 August 2008


Smigle, as you see, has long worked out how to look cute. Head on one side - 'hey, look at me!' I met two year old Smigle and his own owners in the pedestrian area of Menton. They live in Modena - famous for Ferrari and also where they make the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Smigle is an interesting mix - perhaps a bit of Miniature Pinscher? Some Papillon perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Smigle is the CUTEST thing! Adorable. Smigle...is that Gollum's original name from TLOTR? Not sure, but maybe. :)

USelaine said...

Is that a long i or a short i in Smigle? Cute name for a cute dog, in any case.

You are a far more qualified guesser of dog mixes than I am. When I see that color, I think of Toy Manchester Terriers. Could that have crossed with a long coated Chihuahua?

I love this blog.


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