27 February 2009


Basset Hounds always make me laugh with their big soulful eyes. My Mia, who is a Basset Ariegois, has a similar look - wins me over every time.

Meet Charles-Henri (what a grand name). He lives in Belgium, but was in Menton with his family for the Fête du Citron and posed on the sea wall near to Roquebrune-cap-Martin.


WendyB said...

Oh my God! The cuteness!

Anonymous said...

Bassets are so wonderful. This one looks great against the blue sea.

lady jicky said...

Oh Jilly - what a beautiful place you live in!
Now - back to the bassett - yes he looks like your Mia!!
When I see them I always think of "Hush Puppies" shoes!
Smart people who thought of using these dogs to promote their shoes yeah ? LOL

Sharon said...

What a beautiful dog with such a royal name!

glenda said...

Oh my gosh! What a great picture.The Old Man and the Sea comes to mind.

Gerald (SK14) said...

I can't look at the second picture without imagining Clement Freud speaking on "Just a Minute"

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I loooooove that name! Charles-Henri. Love it. And would yu just look at that face?! How could you not fall in love with this?

Amy J said...

Beautiful photo against the blue sea.


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