22 February 2013


Benny is an immaculate 5 year old white Scottish terrier. who I passed on the way to the Fete du Citron in Menton.  Of course I had to stop and chat to him and his owners as they rested on a bench by the sea.  Benny and his family live in Luxembourg and are in Menton for the festival.

I thought he was a Westie with a long foreface and understood his owners to say he was a Westie but am now assuming I'm wrong, so have changed the words here. 


glenda said...

Benny looks so content and laid back. Glad you stopped for a photo and a chat.

lady jicky said...

Jilly --- I think he is a white scotty ???? That nose is too long for a Westie .

What do you think??? :)

Jilly said...

Someone on my Facebook page said exactly the same Lady Jicky. I thought they told me he was a Westie, so I just assumed he had a long face. Now I'm thinking I misunderstood what they told me, so have changed it. Will also write on the Facebook page.

lady jicky said...

Oh Jilly - its not a 'big deal" to me - just thought he had a long muzzle - Westie's do not - only Scotties - you know Jilly , I have always wanted a black Scottie all my life . I got a Cairn but I am not strong enough for a Scottie now :(

CWolfe said...

Hi, Jilly, I have Westies and he looks like a Westie with a Scottie cut...much more distinguished looking than normal Westie cuts.

Whatever he is, he is a sweetheart!!!!

Cheryl Wolfe

Jilly said...

Cheryl, I never thought of that! I do think tho that foreface is long so perhaps back to square one. He's a Westie with a long face. I'll not change it now but it's interesting and as everyone says, he's a sweetie x

Unknown said...

Your dog is Westie crossed with a Schnauzer. There is definitely a Schnauzer inside that Westie. Beautifu dog... absolutely adorable - and very precious too. There is no greater love than the love that comes from a dog. Love is all they know.


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