09 February 2013


This is Paisley enjoying a little sunshine.  She lives with her buddy, Raffa in Mouans Sartoux, near to Grasse - famous for perfume.  Paisley is almost 14 years old. Isn't she a beautiful dog?  Next time, we'll meet Raffa.


Kate said...

Beautiful shots of an outstanding-looking dog.

brattcat said...

oh, yes. even someone who doesn't believe dogs have souls can see something quite special shining inside this beautiful dog.

glenda said...

Good Dog! You know she is.

lady jicky said...

Very pretty and I wonder what perfume she wears????

Jilly - you must tell us!

Jilly said...

Oh yes, dogs have souls, Brattcat. Lady Jicky, ha ha. Funnily enough often dogs don't like perfume. When I used to judge I would never wear perfume. Now I don't anyway. I do have a doggy perfume tho that occasionally I'll put on a little dog before it goes home. Makes it smell nice even tho it's not real perfume. Give me a dog smell any day. That's my perfume!


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