06 January 2010

The SDF Dog

There seem to be an awful lot of 'street dogs' in Menton this winter - meaning dogs who belong to an SDF (sans domicile fixe) - of no fixed abode. I suppose they and their owners come south in winter where the weather will be warmer - unfortunately this year it isn't. Well, warmer than Paris, no doubt, but even so not the sort of weather to sleep outside.


Stacey said...

This is one of my biggest "pet peeves" about France. If they don't have a home.... then they def. don't need a dog.

Olivia Botham said...

Totally in agreement with stacey!!

lady jicky said...

If they feed and look after their dogs then its probably the only honest and true friend some of these people will ever have.
I have seen many a dog in a house with "owners" treated shockingly!!!
So ---- it all depends on the care the dogs are getting , house or no fixed address.
I don't like it but it happens so I just hope they keep the dog to old age for company and not use it to beg.
That is where I get angry the most.

Teri said...

I try to carry a few cans of dog food in my car so when street people who have dogs and signs, "Need cash God bless!" approach me, I can hand over the can and feel I've helped. A little.


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