20 January 2010


This pretty Cavalier, Chloe, is tiny - much smaller than usual but it doesn't take away her beauty, does it? She's 4 year old, lives in Monaco and with her owner was wandering around the circus animals, currently on display outside the circus tent in Fontvieille where the 34th Festival of Circus of Monte Carlo is taking place. Click on the link to take a look.


TC said...

Chloe is so beautiful, she has that spunky look that so many small dogs have, beautiful photo once again.

Owen said...

A little bundle of hugs !

lady jicky said...

She is pretty!

Neva said...

hmm I think I left you a message but it maybe not...anyway...love your King Charles's. I have one now and am amazed at how loving and easy they really are...other than the grooming part...Labs don't require that much grooming!


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