28 February 2008

Monsieur Spitz One-Ear?

Not a nice morning in Carnoles - a suburb of Roquebrune-cap-Martin. I noticed this cute and very independent little Spitz following his owner. I took about four photos following them - he, always off lead, even when crossing the road. They walked fast and I didn't think I'd get to take his photo. Suddenly Madame stopped and greeted a friend and from then on, quite oblivious to me, I could photograph this little boy. I don't know his name - I didn't like to interrupt their conversation - but I know he's a boy.

And yes, as you see, he does have two ears!


WendyB said...

Maybe he closes his ears when he doesn't like what you are saying. "I'm not deaf! I'm just ignoring you."

lady jicky said...

I think he has to do what he is told. Madam looks formidable!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

He's as perfectly coiffed as she is! :) Look at her hair! Not a strand out of place, just like his.


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