17 February 2008

Bully at the Fête du Citron

I met Bully outside the Jardin Biovès in Menton, where work was in preparation for the Fête du Citron. Click on the link. When I asked his name -I wrote down Billy but his owner corrected me!- and then told Bully to do his party trick, which you see in the photo below.


WendyB said...

He's got a bit of a Sean Penn "no pictures, no pictures" expression in the first photo.

Kate said...

Bully or not, I'd take him home with me!

lady jicky said...

Jilly and Wendyb - I have got something to tell you both.
I have just adopted a "rescue pug" , 8 years old and she is sweet. We call her Rosie for a rosie new life!
My other dog Oscar - pug x maltese who is 13 is getting used to her. We picked her up last Friday and they are both getting on rather well.
Love Bully too!

Jilly said...

Lady Jicky, that is great news. Lucky you and lucky rescue pug. A friend here wanted a pug and tried for a year to find a refuge pug to no avail. In the UK there is even a waiting list for the pug club rescue organisation. Sounds like Rosie and Oscar are going to get on v well. Often takes a few days and they are doing well already. so pleased for you.

Ming the Merciless said...

He didn't look too happy to be photographed in the first photo but then again, he performed for you in the second photo.

What a cutie!


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