29 June 2012

Bonnie the Large Munsterlander

Bonnie is a Large Munsterlander - a first for this breed on Riviera Dogs.  This is a German multi-purpose gundog - isn't she gorgeous?  Wise kind eyes, so gentle.  Bonnie is six year old and lives near to Frankfurt.  I met her under the dappled light of the plane trees in Place aux Herbes, Menton. Large Munsterlanders are apparently supposed to be black and white and the Small Munsterlander is brown and white, so technically she's not quite right. Personally I think she's perfect!  Click to see another photo of Bonnie (and me snapping her) on French Girl in Seattle. The lovely Véronique and I spent a day together yesterday doing what we both love doing - taking photographs ... well there was a long lazy lunch with a glass or two of rosé thrown in! You'll find some lovely shots of Menton and Gorbio on Veronique's blog. 


glenda said...

Bonnie has my heart, what a love! Have added French Girl in Seattle to my favorite blogs. What a great day you had with Veronique.

French Girl in Seattle said...

Thank you again for a fun, and eventful "last day" sur la Côte d'Azur, Jilly. We did have a grand time, didn't we? Meeting this lovely young lady with the kind eyes was a delightful surprise, of course. :-) A bientôt, Jilly! And that you to your readers for stopping by chez French Girl... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Unknown said...

What beautiful portraits of this stunning dog! I have never seen or heard of this breed before. Yes, her eyes are so wise, gentle and knowing.


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