20 September 2011


It's no surprise that Weimaraners make such wonderful photographic subjects as they produce such a variety of funny expressions. Take a look at William Wegman's amazing photography.

However, not all of them keep still! Not surprising. They are an incredibly active breed - and SO beautiful.

I met Duma, who is two and a half years old in Menton. She lives in Cuneo in Italy.


lady jicky said...

I like those bottom teeth!

Upsweep said...

I like it... i love his colour :)

glenda said...

Duma seems to be smiling at us. Read a short bio on Wegman and how he got started with his photography. Quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Duma!!! eheheh she's so funny in these pics, i'm sorry , she's not a great model, that day she was very restless ! greatings from Cuneo!! elena

Jilly said...

Elena, yes she didn't keep still but she is so beautiful and I laugh at her lovely funny face in the first one.


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