25 January 2013

Hémy, the Havanese puppy

Meet Hémy, a Bichon Havanese puppy.  Isn't she too adorable!  She lives in Monaco with an old blind cocker spaniel called Goldy - click to see Goldy's photo.


Faith said...

I am looking for a havanese breeder in France. Might you know where Hemy came from?! Un grand merci! Faith

brattcat said...

i know goldy trusts and loves you. i bet this new puppy does too.

Jilly said...

Faith I'll ask her owner where she came from but certainly in France. Please write me privately with your email address.

Yes, Brattcat, she does.She's been to stay once so far -- I had no intention of ever taking a puppy again! But she rather stole my heart and she was a good girl.

glenda said...

Hemy is adorable, I hope she is a good companion for Goldy.

Kathleen said...

Ewoks are real!


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