10 January 2013

Lily, the Springer Spaniel

This is Lily, an English Springer Spaniel who lives just along the coast in Villefranche but also spends a lot of time in Paris.  I've been caring for Lily since she was a very naughty puppy - she's still naughty even tho she's now 9 years old.  She's losing her night sight now - in fact, in low light she sees almost nothing.  She has an appointment soon with a Paris eye specialist so hopefully something can be done. 

It's not so easy, on a long-nosed dog, to get the eyes and nose both in focus.  I succeeded in the second shot but prefer the first! 

Click on the link above to see Lily as she was a few years ago.


lady jicky said...

Hi Jilly ---- Miss Lilly needs her eyes done ---a good eye dog specialist would lift those bottom lids!

Jilly said...

Her worse problem is that she is going blind, Lady Jicky.

glenda said...

What a beauty with all that curly fur.

lady jicky said...

Oh Jilly - that is so sad! I do hope that Specialist can help!

Anonymous said...

I'm rather fond of the second photo. She looks like Charles Laughton in a magistrate's wig.


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