30 April 2008

Morning walk

I met these three gorgeous Shih-tzus walking along the promenade above Larvotto Beach in Monte Carlo. They were being walked by a really nice guy who works for their owner.

He gave me their names but stupidly I'd left my pen in the car and can only remember two of them - Valentina and Petrea.

You'll find 'The Butcher's Dog' today on Menton Daily Photo. Just click on the link.


Aradu said...

Valentina and Petrea?? Is their owner Romanian? I know "Valentina" could be an Italian name, but "Petrea"... is a very old and common Romanian name. Not for the dogs, though:)

Jilly said...

Alina, I don't know the nationality of the owner but perhaps - yes - she is frm Romania. Just the guy who works for her is from the Philippines. That's all I know.

WendyB said...


Theresa said...


Aradu said...

Anyway, they are adorable. And thank you for answering me.

lady jicky said...

They are all lovely! I could not pick a favourite.


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