09 April 2008

Monaco Dog Show - I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. de Mille

Combs, bands to hold up this apricot poodle's top-knot - and don't you love the coloured bags which I can only assume are poop bags. Maybe I'm wrong but I love the idea of a different colour poop bag for each day of the week!

You can see a French Bulldog being judged on Monte Carlo Daily Photo today.


RaleighKat said...

I've rarely seena dog so ready for her close-up. Looking forwardto these shots.

isa said...

You did not tell us - is that a Poodle? Seems like a full time job for the caretaker...

Those poop bags seem to have fingers - maybe they are gloves?

Jilly said...

Isabella, The Label is poodle - see below the post - but quite right I should have mentioned it in the post itself - so have now added. Many thanks. Maybe they are rubber gloves to pick up poop!

Small City Scenes said...

Love the coat on that Poodle. So fuzzy.

The comment above mine is a spam.

WendyB said...



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