02 April 2008


No, he hasn't broken his leg. This is Bilbo, an Old English Sheepdog, who became a Riviera Dog for a couple of days. He lives in Barcelona and came to the Riviera to compete in a dog show, just across the Italian border, in San Remo. He and his owners, good friends of mine, stayed here for a couple of nights. Here he is on the lower terrace.

And he won - so he's now an International champion! And the socks? That's to keep his feet clean prior to the show.


Anonymous said...

will you please report us about the dog show? I've been there twice with my Australian terrier and in second time he also became Int. champion.

I just love the athmosphere of the Monaco Dog Show.


Jilly said...

Pasi, thanks for your comment. I'm going to the Monaco dog show on Saturday - Sunday too, if poss - and will take photographs. Well done in geting your International title with your Australian terrier in Monaco.

lady jicky said...

I would love to go to that dog show - Oh from one Australian to another (that Aussie terrier!) - "All the best mate, and may you win!"

Loving those socks. LOL

George Townboy said...

Beautiful young man ... thanks for directing my attention over here!

Gerald (SK14) said...


the show secrets you learn!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully for Bilbo, I was not in San Remo. I would have won, period !

Carole & Luc keep me home in Montreal, Québec. Maybe one day they will bring me in Menton.They go there each June.

Here I am, with some snow:

Ann (MobayDP) said...

lol! Great tease from Menton DP Jilly :)

Quite a handsome fellow indeed.


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