08 April 2008

Monaco Dog Show - Rouchka and Visconte

The Monaco Dog Show was held in the circus tent in Fontvieille last weekend and so lots of opportunities for me to add breeds to this blog that I might not otherwise see. Meet two beautiful Bloodhounds from an area around Montpellier and Sete in south-western France, who made the trip to Monaco - and won! Look how adorable they are together!

This was a lucky encounter for me as I got talking to their owner, Lisa, and we got to discussing the problem I have with Beau, my Bruno de Jura (a breed not so far removed from a bloodhound, after all). I told her how Beau gets abscesses every few months in the area under his ears. Indeed, the vet has already removed both eardrums. She told me that these breeds get an infection of the salivary glands that can't be cured by operation or by antibiotics and she is going to give me a homepathic remedy that works. Soon as I've posted this, I'm emailing her.

Sheri, a regular reader (thanks, Sheri) has a painting of hounds which she's posted on her fascinating blog about the art of quilting. This photograph reminded her of the painting. Take a look. I so agree.

I'll be posting dogs I met at the show over the next week or so. Tomorrow - a smaller breed!


Kate said...

Well, dog shows must be fairly exhausting. Great snap!

Anonymous said...

These Bloodhounds always look like they were saying: we could not care less!

Thank you so much for giving me the pleasure and joy of watching the dog show pictures.

isa said...

Congrats to the handsome pair for winning! At least I hope they are a pair ;-) Looks like puppy love to me!
DH loves Bloodhounds and we considered getting one a while back. Visited the person who was giving him up, and left the place totally slimed. They do drool a lot, don't they...We ended up with a Golden (no drool, but lots of hair ;-))
That is very encouraging news about Beau's possible cure. I hope you try it and I REALLY HOPE IT WORKS!

WendyB said...

These dogs look like they produce a lot of drool :-)

Teri said...

Good luck with the new remedy! (And I hope you'll wish to add a Rottweiler to your breed list, if you happen to see one.)


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