20 April 2008

Monaco Dog Show - the Borzois

Such beautiful creatures waiting patiently for their turn at the dog show. I always find it fascinating why we choose the breed of dog we do. Somehow the small lady sitting in the chair and her Borzoi don't seem to go together - which is nonsense of course, because obviously they are more than happy. I also got the impression (could be wrong) this lady is very much a 'doyen' of the breed as people kept coming up and talking to her.


lady jicky said...

Jilly, I know what you mean about the owner of the Borzoi's. I imagine a tall supermodel type woman with a wonderful fur edged coat in the 30's style with swinging lengths of pearls around her neck and a dramatic hat walking down the Champs Elysee or the Red Square in Russia!
I saw one in Australia a couple of months ago - they are a real "stand out" dog but they really must have the Right owner! They need space and exercise for they are a hunting dog. Wonderful photos Jilly!!!!!

RaleighKat said...

I think their faces are remarkably similar!


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