24 April 2008

Monaco Dog Show - Best-in-Show

I always have a very soft spot for American cocker spaniels. My Milou was an American cocker bred by the La Vigie kennel in Switzerland, which is where this lovely dog comes from. Milou was black tho. Look at the way this dog swishes his head - he knows how gorgeous he is. And look how beautifully presented he is too.


Theresa said...

What a spectacular cocker!! Wonderful coat color!!!

lady jicky said...

Oh my - what a wonderful job they did on his grooming . Great head on this dog - a winner.

joanna said...

What a beauty that cocker spaniel is. The coat is spectacular. Could never get my cocker to look like that he would be dirty in a flash. Tigger is his name and he is a dog's dog.. scruffy, a digger in the garden and will roll about in anything.
Glad The cocker won "Best"



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