17 April 2008

Monaco Dog Show - 'And God Created Dog'

Perhaps they are fed up with all that brushing? These two shih-tzus are taking a rest from the exhausting business of looking beautiful. The one on the left - see below - has a hairstyle I've never seen in the showring before, but perhaps I've not looked at Shihtzus in the ring lately - true. Sure she must think she's Brigitte Bardot and we've gone back to the sixties. Have you ever seen the 1956 film - And God Created Woman?


WendyB said...

Ha ha! Love photo #1. I had a shih tzu back in the day. That thing was a devil. Truly hateful and it even bit me...I was the only person who loved it!

lady jicky said...

Well, we have to suffer for beauty don't we girls! LOL

isa said...

Lol! Yes, you are right about Bardot's hairdo in that movie!

That first photo is funny as well - looks like a couple of hair extensions!


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