22 August 2010


Moustique = mosquito! Don't you love it! This little boy is one and a half years old and was found in the Refuge in La Brigue, which is in the mountains above Menton. I met him today at the Blessing of the Animals in Gorbio village.

Moustique lives in Menton with another dog we've met here before - Willy, who drives around with his owner on her scooter.


hanna said...

What a clever name for this cute little guy. He looks like he has energy to spare. And, of course, it's always good to hear about another dog getting rescued.

I loved your Blessing of the Animals series from last year, how all the animals were brought together in the village. There's something so touching about that tradition. Any chance of seeing a photo or two from this year's event?!

lady jicky said...

Cute name Jilly but .... you know, if he was in Oz - he would be called Mozzie! :)

Jilly said...

Ann, I'll show some blessing of the animals photos on Riviera Dogs. Have shown them on Menton for a couple or three years now. Anyway I'll take a look and see what I've got.I always love that ceremony, like you!

Coco said...

He looks like my kind of dog. I love all dogs. If he came to Cape Town I could show him around Table Mountain.


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