16 August 2010

Romeo's Dreams

Romeo is ten and is paralysed so any thoughts of being a Romeo again will be in his dreams. Presumably, because he's an old sick dog he can't have a 'calmant' so that his teeth can be cleaned.

He's a much-loved dog though who lives in Grenoble and was with his owner in Gorbio village for the Flamenco Festival yesterday.


WendyB said...

He's adorable. I want to kiss his smushy face.

hanna said...

Seeing dogs struggling like Romeo never ceases to be heartbreaking to me. The one great consolation is that he has a good home and a loving owner. I'd like to give him a big hug.

joanna said...

Agree with both Wendy and Ann,as soon as I seen his photo, I thought this little guy deserves a big hug and kiss. He is a charmer.


lady jicky said...

Romeo is a sweetie! What great owners he must have and then.... who wouldn't want to give Mr Romeo the best life - he is soooooo cute.
You know I love a pug Jilly! :)

Road Dog Tales said...

What a cutie patootie pug face!

The Road Dogs

Anonymous said...

What a face! Nice blog you have here, lots of good pictures!


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