25 August 2010

Half, the Drooly Newfie of Gorbio

Well, of course, all Newfoundlands drool but this lovely dog had an excuse - it was a very hot day in Gorbio last Sunday and he was waiting for the priest and the Blessing of the Animals. As you can see in the smaller photo, he eventually cooled down in the shade.

'Half' lives just above the village of Gorbio and is 7 years old.

There's a Caption Competition, with a prize, on Menton Daily Photo that features a scene from the Fête Patronale de Saint Barthélémy, of which the Blessing of the Animals was just the beginning. Click on the link to see the chicken on a pole and the Golden Apple!


Lilac Haven said...

What a sweet face though. My uncle who is a priest gave our Daisy the animal blessing.

hanna said...

I melt over dogs like Newfies, big gentle, bear-like, dogs. In fact, when my boyfriend and I are in a better position to have a dog, we have decided on either a Bernese Mountain Dog or a Newfie.

Our biggest concern, however, is our rather hot summers here in Pennsylvania. But this guy seems to be faring just fine in Gorbio. Any thoughts or advice on this subject?

Jilly said...

Newfie's and Bernese have such lovely temperaments but they do feel the heat. Newfie's of course need water. They are a water dog. Probably a silly question but are you by the sea? I should perhaps look up Pennsylvania! If not, perhaps a pool?

hanna said...

I live in southeastern Pennsylvania, which is about two hours from the Atlantic--a bit too far. After you mentioned the water issue, I remembered having read something about that. Thank you for reminding me.

So, I guess it's the Berner for us--they do have the best temperaments. How much of a problem is the heat for them though? Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to move to Canada for my dog! Or better yet, Switzerland!

Thanks a lot for your advice.

Jilly said...

Ann, the best thing - far better than my advice cos I don't know Bernese or Newfie's in detail, is to Google one of the clubs for the breed. There you'll find a ton of information I'm sure. Lots of luck and thanks for the geographical information! I really should know having lived in the States for two years and made loads of trips back and forth. Big country tho!

lady jicky said...

Lovely big guy!

Kate said...

Shoot! I forgot about the blessings of the animals here last Sunday!


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