11 August 2010


This is Pixie. She lives with two Bedlington Terriers who we'll meet another time. Pixie is epileptic so has to have medication every day. She also has medication for her heart but she is on good form and you'd never know anything is wrong. And if anyone arrives she doesn't bark, she screams and you'd better believe it! She has one loud voice for such a tiny dog. Pixie lives at Haut de Cagnes which is a beautiful hill village along the coast from Nice - she lives way up the top.

You can see Boutchette, the Bassett Hound, playing with Gorbio village children HERE.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing beauty! Sometimes life just isn't fair - but she seems to be handling the dips as if they were ups!

lady jicky said...

What is soooo wonderful about Pixie is her owners!!!
In a world where alot of people would just dump her - they look after her with love and devotion!!!
This is what ALl dogs deserve but, sadly, don't get .
You go girl Pixie! Woof! :)


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