06 September 2008

Willy - the Scooter Dog

This is Willy, a Berger Pyrénées (Pyrenean Shepherd Dog). He rides around Menton on a scooter with his owner. Willy is 13 years old - you'd not know it, would you? See Willy on his bike on Menton Daily Photo today.

This small sheepdog of the Mountains of the Pyrénées is considered the oldest of the French herding dogs. They were used in concert with the large white sheep guardian dogs, the Great Pyrénées (Pyrenean Mountain Dog) of the region. The little dog herded the sheep. The big dog watched over them. The natural abilities of this shaggy shepherd are legend - flocks being entrusted to the two different dogs without a human handler. They were officially recognized by the French Kennel Club in 1921.

The breed is also called a Labrit in France.
You see many in the south of France.


lady jicky said...

Now, I did not know this and I was wondering how you got such a huge dog on a motor scooter! LOL
Now I know - there is a smaller breed!
If he was in Australia, he would have to wear a helmet! Its the law for "people" !

Anonymous said...

Interesting history! Would love a chance to watch the dogs in action.


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