16 November 2009

Wot, No Sheep in Monte Carlo?

You don't expect to see a Border Collie in Casino Square in Monaco. They would seem to belong in the Welsh hills where I lived a lifetime ago.

Yuna is a 5 year old smooth-coat Border Collie and wasn't remotely interested in having her photo taken. Despite my making all sorts of fascinating noises, she mostly turned her head away as you see in the smaller photo. I expect she was dreaming of hills and sheep, not Monte Carlo ladies and their smart clothes. Yuna was on holiday but normally lives in Trieste.


@eloh said...

I adore not just this picture, but the photography skills of it all.

How very smart of you to present a black and white dog...in black and white! I love it.

You can see the intelligence of this dog in her eyes. She looks like someone may have mentioned there would be some rounding up to do on this holiday... oh she seems a bit miffed to find nothing to herd.

Owen said...

Sure would like to hear some of those fascinating sounds you make to get their attention. And if there are no sheep around, there must be a frisbee somewhere in Monaco, no ? Love those high flying ears !

lady jicky said...

Oh I don't know Jilly, I think Yuna could have alot of fun rounding up the Royal Family of Monaco - especially Stephanie! LOL

Giulia said...

So wonderful. I miss my childhood Border Collie, Archie. Yuna is darling & is just being Garbo-ish.



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