19 November 2009

Cappuccino anyone?

I posted two different photographs of Lou on Monte Carlo Daily Photo today but had to show her to you here as well.

This is Lou, the French bulldog who belongs to Mister Brian - owner of Monaco's best known delicatessen. They are taking a coffee by the port - or rather Lou is allowed to taste Mister Brian's cappuccino - off the spoon, of course. Not that Brian would mind sharing the cup with Lou - he's besotted.

Lou is celebrated in Monaco - she's appeared in a book about the Principality and if you saw Piers Morgan's television programme you will have seen him interview Mister Brian - and Lou.

And remember when Lou was stolen? If not, you can read about it by clicking on the link.


@eloh said...

Oh Jilly.... no links, please!

I just spent 3 hours!!!!! reading 2007 on up of your Postcards blog.

What ever happen to the dog thief?

Cried at the bench, laughed at the French vets "fixing" minset....etc

lady jicky said...

Oh Jilly --- Kenzo and Moi Moi say that is a Puppacino!!!!!! LOL

Jilly said...

@eloh, oh thankyou for your words. I've not written on that blog for ages and really must catch up.Nothing ever happened to the dog thief. She is a citizen of Monaco - which is more than a resident - and so a blind eye was turned. I gather she had a drinking problem and perhaps mental problems too.

glenda said...

What a great shot. You had to be ready for that tongue to take it's taste. I must confess i share most things with my dog right from the spoon also.


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