25 November 2009

Gorda - the dog from the past...

It's so unusual to see an Old English Sheepdog around here. Gorda is 10 years old and lives in Menton and so do I yet had never seen her before - or had I?

Gorda was born in Italy and lived there for much of her life. Now she lives with her owner's mother. She's got some spinal/incontinence problems that are mostly solved with medication.

Funnily enough years ago I used to look after an OES puppy called Gorda, who belonged to an Italian guy in Monte Carlo --- I wonder if it's the same Gorda? It was about eight or nine years ago so the timeline works. I wish I'd thought of it and asked.

P.S. I found this old snapshot of Gorda as a puppy - taken in 2001. I think it's her! Don't you?


lady jicky said...

You know, I think it could be her too.

Jilly said...

I just had an email from the breeder - who I know - she saw the post and yes it's the same Gorda!


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